5 things you should know about CANVERSIA


We enjoy our work tremendously. Our passion is PEOPLE and our greatest JOY is accompanying you.


We undertake all our projects with a DOUBLE APPROACH: HEAD AND HEART. We care about the PROFITABILITY AND RETURN of each and every project and of course, the overall WELL-BEING OF YOUR ORGANIZATION.


Our greatest strength is LISTENING ACTIVELY to better understand your needs and provide you with solutions. We enjoy getting to know your reality and understanding your ultimate needs. We help you achieve your goals and objectives, overcome new challenges and succeed in your transformation.


The world doesn’t stop and neither do we. We love challenges. We dare to be innovative. We are curious, always eager to learn and EXPLORE NEW TERRITORIES.


Each project is as unique as you and as such, it is made just for you. IF IT MATTERS TO YOU, IT MATTERS TO US.


  • We have been in the business and have been leading people for many years. We feel though what happens to the client happens to us.
  • We are Coaches certified by ICF (International Coach Federation) with levels up to PCC, as a guarantee of the use of a recognized methodology.
  • We have over twenty years of experience in Executive Search identifying Technical and Managerial staff, and we bring a deep knowledge of Employer Branding and Candidate Experience strategies.
  • We are experts in competency assessments, career mentoring, and in identifying the necessary tools to prepare and enable people to succeed in their professional challenges.
  • Our approach is individualized: we work on a customized basis with each client, accompanying them along their project making sure their needs are met. We have the capacity to answer to any size, and the flexibility to adapt to their budget.
Juan Moyo López


I am a businessman and a tireless pursuer of challenges. The need-to-know lives within me, and I improve when I learn. Listening is one of my greatest strengths and the search of profitability is my way of doing things.

Seeker and enabler of people´s potential, the best of my life is my family, and my aim is to be, to succeed, and to achieve.

Carmen de los Ríos


I am passionate about the human behavior and its diversity. Interacting with people from different backgrounds and cultures enriches me and allows me to offer unique and creative perspectives.

Navigating and managing change has been a constant in my day-to-day life. As a result, adaptability and resilience are strengths that I bring to my clients.

Guided by ethical and social responsibility principles, service and empathy define me.

Ignacio García-Sieiro


Always thinking about business, my mentality of service makes me passionate about working for People.

I am curious and my capacity to analyze helps me to further understand problems and join my clients in finding solutions.

My values are my guide and great conversations are my tools.

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Our history

Our adventure began in 2017, when we responded to an impulse of wanting to create a consulting firm centered on HELPING people, focusing equally on the development of People and Business. From the beginning, we identified and connected with a specific market demand, the demand for a more human consulting firm, which has made us gain the trust of major clients.

Over the next two years we focused on establishing our position within the market. We provided a distinctive and unique value as problem solvers in the search for key professionals, as experts in accompanying people in their personal transformation processes, and as facilitators of development plans for leaders and their teams.

From 2020 up until now, we have offered our support to everyone in these very challenging times. While being mindful of the exceptional circumstances, we are taking even further care to support the needs of the people involved in our projects. Our capacity to listen and empathize has been paramount, as well as our focus on the emotional support of the clients we have served. We are very pleased with the results as we continue contributing to overcome this crisis. Our technical and human qualities are allowing us to retain clients and even attract new ones.

We are confident in our future, in continuing to support and accompany PEOPLE to overcome their challenges and thrive.